“Bad Kids Go to Hell” Volume 1 Issue 4 - PDF


The third issue of the best-selling comic book series by Barry "Bazza" Wernick and Matthew Spradlin is priced for a great deal. Make sure to provide email address at checkout to receive the PDF.

The elite group of students serving detention on a stormy Saturday at Crestview Academy have dropped sharply in numbers. As the last few remaining kids reveal secrets past and present, Matt leads the final charge to escape this scholarly prison and the ghoulish apparition all of them had previously conjured from the underworld. Still, the question is raised: Perhaps one of the last remaining members of this group is looking to even the social playing field? Whatever ghosts might haunt this prestigious academy, things have never been as they appear at Crestview, and after a final twist, only one surviving student (alive, but not well) will live to tell the tale of "Bad Kids Go to Hell"!