August 3, 2016




The Crestview academy administration would like to remind all incoming freshmen to sign up for our annual exorbitantly expensive wilderness trip to the Swiss Alps. Although there is no financial aid available for this one. It is perfect for bonding, forming fortified cliques and marking targets-to-be for school year bullying, this is something no freshman will want to miss. Students will hike, camp out and take in the magnificent wonder that is the swiss alps for fourteen luxurious days. Of course, housing and gourmet meals will be provided. Crestview would never abuse their students with cramped, rain-drenched tents and crumby peanut butter sandwiches. The freshmen wilderness adventure is a time to come together, not die by the hands of nature. Sophomore Kenna Avenell, who submitted a picture of herself as she is always prone to do, was a participant last year, reminisced about her experience with us: “It was fucking awesome. Me and a bunch of other girls noticed this one loser and started like, planting things in her bunk... you know, the works. You really perfect your pranking skills on this trip and learn a lot of valuable life lessons on this thing, swear.”

-- “You really perfect your pranking skills on this trip and learn a lot of valuable life lessons on this thing, swear.”

-- Kenna Avenell, Sophomore, Member of the Book Club and Fencing Club


We just got word here at Crestview Academy that one of our Juniors has won the National Poetry award. Congratulations Brendan Louie Halloway! Crestview is proud of all our artists, knowing they will go on to further the culture of our time, adeptly prepared by the Crestview faculty. Crestview alums don’t always take on daddy’s business after all. Some perform in Carnegie Hall or take to the stage or the silver screen. We foster any and every talent that walks through our doors, and we hope future students and donors remember Brendan’s accomplishment as a representative of what we, Crestview, can do for budding young artists. We make them stars. Be sure to send your donations to Crestview Academy to fund our upcoming Fall Arts and Culture Night, where again, we will be reminding you of our great and unparalleled support of the artists of this generation.