As vibrant as it is unique, Crestview community life embodies far more than academic work, athletic pursuit, or artistic endeavor. A list of Upper School extra-curricular clubs below portray the breadth of the talents associated with those who lucky to be considered Crestview material.

Upper School Clubs

Amnesty International

Apache Bow and Arrow Club

Astronomy Club

Aviation Club

Bad Kids for Tolerance

Biomimicry Club/Biology Club

Blue Blood Club

Book Club

Boy Scouts

Cat Lovers Club

Chemistry Club

Chinamen Club

Climbing Club

Cum Laude

Diplomacy Club

Dive Club

Fencing Club

Film Society

Fine Arts Committee

Foosball Club

Future Bosses of America (FBA)

Future Christians of America (FCA)

German Club

Gospel Choir

Honor Society

Improv Troupe

Injun Rain Dance Club

Intercultural Club

Japanese Club


Jazz Combo Club


Model UN Club

No P in the V Club

Philosophy Club

Ping Pong Club

Poker Club

Polo Club

Poor People Dig Our Trash

Psychology Club

Quiz Bowl

RC Plane Club

Robotics Team

Russian Club

Senior Auction Committee

Spanish Club

Space Program

Stressed at the Crest Club

Student Alumni Association

Thespian Society

Ultimate Frisbee

US Chapel Committee

Middle School Clubs

Alpine Club

Baseball Club

Book Buddies

Chess Club with a Grand Master

Cooking Club

Culinary Club

Free the Children Club


Improv Club

Juggling Club

Meth Lab Club

Middle School Math Team

Middle School Science Club

Microscope Club

Movie Club

Photography Club

Role-Playing Game Club

Smelly Club

Stock Market Club

Top Golf Club

Wilderness Club

"I'll do anything to be popular."

—Tebby Halston, President of the LGBTQRST Club